How to Apply for a Labourer CSCS Green Card

A quick and simple ionic guide to what you will need for a Green CSCS Labourer card.

Step 1
Get a Health and Safety Qualification

You will need a Health and Safety qualification to show that you are qualified to hold the card.

For a full list of acceptable courses for this card check out the CSCS Card Finder and type ‘Labourer’ into the occupation field.

Step 2
Pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test – £19.50

This is a multiple choice computer based test completed at an approved test centre. You will have 50 questions to answer and will need 47 correct answers to pass the test.

Revision books and phone apps are available to help you prepare for the test.

Step 3
Order your Card – £30

You will need to send your proof of H&S qualification and £30 payable by direct debit to pay for your card.

You can set everything up over the phone by calling the CSCS helpdesk on

0344 994 4777

Commonly asked questions

We spoke to CSCS with a few questions we had on the Labourer card:

If I can just pass the test will I need to have the qualification?

All Labourers need to have completed a health and safety qualification from the approved list by CSCS. These courses can be 1 day if you are paying for it yourself, however some courses can be 2 weeks if funded by the government.

Is there funding for my course, test and card to be paid for?

Yes there is, however funding will only be given under certain circumstances for example if you are over 19, claiming job seekers allowance and have never received the funding before. We are connected to training companies that provide this funding so give us a call on 01925 748 320 or ask your local Job Centre Plus to see what is available in your area.

My Labourer card is due to run out – do I need to get another qualification?

Yes you do! To ensure Labourers get the most up to date information of the risks on site you will need to complete the health and safety course and test again.

How long does it take for the card to arrive?

The card can take up to 14 working days to arrive once CSCS have your payment and proof of qualification.

I’ve passed my test but can’t afford £30 for the card yet – how long do I have to get a card before I would have to have another test?

You have 2 years after passing your test to get your card. If you leave it more than 2 years you will have to refresh your qualification and retake your test!

Any questions on CSCS?

Call CSCS direct on

0344 994 4777

Once you have your CSCS call ionic trades on

01925 907 850

All information is accurate at time of publishing – April 2017