Operations Manager (Liverpool)

Job Type



Operations Manager




£40.000 per annum

Key Information

  • The purpose of the role is to build and lead a high performing Operations Team
  • The teams’ main objective is to deliver exceptional customer experience and satisfaction through excellence in operational execution, driving safe, productive and efficient use of all resources employed, enabling profitable growth of the business in a culture of continuous improvement and learning

The Role

  • Improving the operational systems, processes and policies
  • Responsible for the organisation of our team to ensure the delivery of projects within budget, delivered in time and in line with our client’s expectations / specification
  • Overseeing all operational activities to include material / plant ordering and logistics
  • Responsible for planning, programming and coordination of our own workforce & subcontractors
  • Setting out & checking of datums & gridlines throughout the projects
  • Providing & effectively communicating design proposals, to address detailing on Design & Build Projects
  • Managing site teams and implementing strategies and training to maintain a productive, highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • Liaising and co-ordinating subcontractors, to ensure work is delivered to our high standards
  • Creating an environment which promotes good communication, co-ordination and teamwork
  • Creating a team where team members are engaged, empowered, enthusiastic and committed to the success of the company.
  • Supports, writes and conducts performance review discussions to ensure that expectations /goals are set, monitored and executed
  • Ensuring all team members deliver to productivity targets
  • Actively engaging in strategic thinking, driving empowerment, delegation and being a role model who must lead by example
  • Demonstrating programme management success
  • Implementing material / plant ordering processes, which minimise waste & ensuring delivery to accommodate continuity of works and maintains programme
  • Ensuring site activity is carefully planned and monitored to ensure that Health, Safety and Welfare are fully considered of primary importance
  • Making sound, fact-based business decisions to support the needs and objectives of the business
  • Building and maintaining professional, supportive relationships with clients and client influencers
  • Designing development and liaising with clients, their agents and surveyors
  • Promoting great communication throughout the business

Qualifications and experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be proficient with using computers, in particular experience necessary with using Excel and Word software programs

How to apply

  • If you’re interested please call Beckie Hill on 07831 592 879 or apply online

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